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About James Koehler Violins

James Koehler Violins

James Koehler Violins LLC is a repair and restoration shop servicing Naples, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte, Florida. Remote services may be available for out of state customers, contact us for details. James Koehler Violins was formed upon the retirement of violin maker, William Fleischer, owner of The Violin Shop Florida.

As head luthier and shop manager of The Violin Shop Florida, Mr. Koehler performed the majority of the repair and restorations at the Bonita Springs Location.  Previous to this, Mr. Koehler relocated from Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he worked at The Beihoff Violin Shop.

Mr. Koehler is a 1994 graduate of the violin repair program at Minnesota State College Southeast in Red Wing.  Mr. Koehler earned a diploma in performance from The Wisconsin Conservatory of Music and is a member of The Violin Society of America and Catgut Forum.


  • Over twenty two years in repair and restoration
  • Repair and restoration of fine violins such as Gagliano, Grancino and Stainer as well as Hermann Stolzel and Cech double basses used by many jazz musicians
  • Fine bow repairs.  i.e. cracks, windings, thumbgrips, tip plates and frog repair.
  • Over one thousand bridge, fingerboard, peg and soundpost fittings.
  • An estimated fourteen thousand instruments maintained for rental

Repair and Restoration Services

Repair and restoration services are available for professional as well as student instruments.  Below is a list of the general repair services we offer.  Additional services may be available.  Pricing available upon request after instrument inspection.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us to get the process started.

Instrument Work


  • Fit new bridge
  • Cut down & reshape existing bridge

  • Fit new soundpost
  • Reset soundpost

  • Fit new nut
  • Shim, re-shape & file

  • Fit new set
  • Refit existing (includes centering string holes)
  • Peg box bushings

  • Plane for proper scoop (includes re-shape & file nut)
  • Fit new fingerboard (includes plane & nut work)

  • Open seams
  • Glue cracks
  • Cleat cracks
  • Top removal off/on (includes restoring top/body glue surfaces)

  • Reset neck
  • Broken neck repair
  • Broken scroll repair

  • Glue soundpost crack & graft a soundpost patch (includes top off/on)

  • Doublings, block replacement, bout repair or replacement, bass bar replacement, scroll grafting

Bow Work


  • Violin re-hair, white
  • Viola re-hair, white
  • Cello re-hair, white
  • Double bass re-hair, black
  • Double bass re-hair, white

  • Install new thumbgrip
  • Install new winding, nickel silver
  • Install new winding, sterling silver
  • Install new winding, whale bone
  • Install new tip plate, bone
  • Install new tip plate, Mammoth Ivory

  • Re-camber
  • Crack repair of stick
  • Broken tip